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Cork’s Trusted Personal Trainer for over 19 Years

Personal Training packages designed specifically for your needs and abilities. Whether it’s losing weight, gaining muscle, increasing fitness, dealing with back and shoulder pain – we give personal attention from very experienced professionals to help you reach and surpass your goals. 

Personal Training Packages

Our personal training packages in the Cork studio are designed to suit all needs. We train teenagers all the way up to 70+ who have never trained before. Whether you are looking to transform how you look or whether you are simply looking to be more flexible or address numerous aches and pains, we have the trainers and packages to suit. We look forward to discussing options that will best suit your needs.

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Fitness Classes Cork

We are primarily a personal training studio in Cork but we have a selection of fantastic group fitness classes that our clients or the public can avail of. Our classes are small which we believe is better for the customer. In very large classes techniques are hard to see for the trainer but with our small classes there’s nowhere to hide! Try our Spinning, Circuits and ViPr classes, for example, and you’ll see the benefit of small groups.

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Our Personal Training Methods

We only use training methods based on science. Our primary methods are based around one of the world’s leading institutes, The National Academy of Sports Medicine. We add our own science from Master’s Degrees to Personal Training certifications along with knowledge from over 75 years combined experience and over 125,000 personal training sessions in our Rochestown studio.

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Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition is key to goals. Yes, if a person is very obese and starts exercise they typically will drop weight without changing food. Many believe – mostly through the media – that they are eating correctly for their goals but this is simply not the case. Our certified trainers are also certified nutritionists and coaches. They have goals as well: to facilitate you in reaching your goals. How can we help you today? What can we do for you?

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At David Sisk Fitness we treat exercise and nutrition the way it should be: as a science. It’s called Exercise Science and Sports Science for a reason. To our decades of combined learning, research and experience as Master Trainers we also incorporate the National Academy of Sports Medicine’s Optimal Performance Training (OPT) Model into training programs.

The OPT is “built on a foundation of principles that progressively and systematically allow any client to achieve optimal levels of physiological, physical, and performance adaptations”.

Benefits of Personal Training

Physiological Benefits

Physical Benefits

Performance Benefits

Improves cardiorespiratory efficiency
Increases metabolism
Increases strength of tendons, ligaments, muscles
Increases bone density
Decreases body fat
Increases lean body mass
Gets you fitter
Fights disease
Strength and Power
Speed and Agility


Our Personal Trainers

All our trainers are fully qualified personal trainers and have many years of experience in professional training. You can read more about our personal trainers here.

Owner David Sisk has a degree in Psychology from UCD specialising in Sports Psychology, a Graduate Diploma Smurfit Graduate Business School, a Masters of Science in Sport and is a certified personal trainer.

Head trainer and nutritionist Vilma has a bachelors Degree in Sports Science, is a certified personal trainer, a certified exercise nutritionist and coach, and a certified group trainer in kettlebells, Spin, Vipr, and TRX.

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What Our Personal Training Cork Clients Have To Say

Expert and knowledgable professional trainers highly recommend for anyone looking to get fit and strong, tone up, lose weight
I highly recommend David Sisk Fitness. Great, relaxed atmosphere. Always so encouraging & positive.
Great personal training and group classes. Such personalsed service at both. Would highly recommend Vilma and David.

Fantastic Personal Training service. My experience with Dara and Vilma have been really positive. So attentive to technique and really push you to your limit but most importantly at a pace you’re comfortable with. I’ve been training in David Sisk’s now for around 10 months and I couldn’t recommend them any more highly.
Great trainers and a great atmosphere
Fabulous Place! Great atmosphere here!! Definitely would Highly recommend
Personal Trainer Cork - David Sisk Fitness

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Contact us today to book your initial Physical Readiness Profiling appointment. Our professional personal trainers will evaluate your abilities and lifestyle and then work with you to design a training plan that will allow you to start reaching for attainable goals. Talk to us now to start changing your world.

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Personal Training Questions and Answers

How long should you have a personal trainer?

Weeks or years. Depending on your commitment and your goals, and of course your finances.

What are the benefits of working with a personal trainer?

You get results. Once again, depending on your commitment, you also learn the basics of training and then nutrition.

Is a personal trainer worth it for weight loss?

Absolutely. There is no better way to do it through a combination of nutrition and resistance training is the best way. Bar none and they’re someone to motivate you.

How many personal training sessions would you do before you start seeing results?

As little as 10. Because personal trainers have the expertise to get you the results that you are looking for, provided you do what you’re told.

So, what reasons are there for using a personal trainer?

There are many reasons. They could be as simple as weight loss or weight gain, or it could be to combat age. It can be for rehabilitation from injury. It could be prehabilitation which prevents injury, especially for people as they get older. It can be for increasing their stabilization strength and core strength.

Do you really need a personal trainer?

It depends on what you classify as need because you know you don’t need a car, but it makes life a hell of a lot easier if you have to go from here to Dublin. Without public transport or a car. That’s how much you need a personal trainer, it’s, it’s what you want to do, it’s where you want to be. And so I would say you need a personal trainer if you want to get the best results for your time and money.

Are personal trainers a waste of money?

They can be, if you go to the wrong personal trainer, and also the fact that many places advertise Personal Training, when in fact they aren’t actually doing Personal Training, they’re doing small group training where different people have different abilities and capabilities. And that was where “Personal Training”  can be a waste of money.

How often, per week, should I do Personal Training?

I recommend three to four. But not less than two to get decent results.

How many calories would you burn when you’re training with a personal trainer?

While it’s not that actually important how many calories you burn it’s the after effects that have the really good benefits. So you get your muscle growth, but you also boost your metabolism, for a number of hours up to 10 hours after you do a personal training session with resistance whereas with cardio say you go for a run it’s not going to have any effect on your metabolism once you’ve finished that sun.