Cancellation Policy

We require 24 hours notice for cancellations. A FULL training session charge will apply if 24 hours notice is not given. There are multiple methods for giving us notice:

Phone: 021-489-8452 (if we do not answer we are either closed or with clients. Do not leave a phone message on a Sunday as the studio is closed)
Text : 085-829-0578 (with your name)
Email: (this is the option to use if canceling over the weekend)

If you are doing a time limit package (eg Beach Body, Transformation, etc) and you cancel late it will count as a session complete. You cannot simply reschedule for that week.

If you go on holidays during a time limit package we can freeze the package for you.

On time limit packages we will do our best to accommodate clients but are under no obligation to do so.

We are not obliged to refund if you choose not to continue however, we will try and accommodate you. If you do cancel the number of sessions completed will be charged at the individual rate of those sessions plus the cost of an individual nutrition plan (nutrition plans cost €100). This will then be subtracted from the amount you have paid.