Many people like to train solely with David Sisk. This can be for a range of reasons. Trainers at our personal training studio are excellent and are chosen from – literally- hundreds of applications. Each of our trainers treat all of our clients the same: with professionalism, expertise, respect, and a smile (even at 6AM!). However, if you would like to train with David as your sole trainer that’s great too. Note that, while celebrities have come to the studio we won’t put them ahead of our regular clients. Appointments are appointments.

  • 60-minute sessions with David
  • Nutrition plan for your goals based on your metabolic rate. This is calculated using your age, weight, height, gender, body fat, lifestyle.
  • One 20-minute support phone call per week and ongoing email support during your training.
  • Weekly weigh-ins and bi-weekly body fat measurements
  • Loads of free stuff from David. Bottles, shakers, recipes, etc. It’s great!

Price Options

€150 per session
€120 per session training 3 times per week
€1950 for 20 sessions training 3 times per week