Online Personal Trainer Cork

Vilma, head trainer in David Sisk Fitness has created a number of online personal training packages that suits the needs of beginners to advanced. There are a few packages you can buy right now or if you want to talk to Vilma about specific packages designed for you, please contact her. Vilma has decades of experience and has trained 100s of people of all ages and all abilities. We believe there is no better person to talk to about your personal training needs.

Stay Fit and Strong with Vilma’s Fitness Hub

This program is designed to help you to stay committed and consistent with your workouts while still challenging you. The workouts are listed each day on your calendar, whether is a 40min total body tone or 60min walking or 15 min stretching routine. You will need light dumbbells, bands, but the workouts can be done without it. Most workouts are low impact so it’s a joint friendly program as well. Also if you short on time there are plenty 10min workouts in the app to keep you going on the busy days. More details.

Online 60-minute personal training

60-minute one-to-one sessions with your trainer

FREE nutrition plan for your goals when packs of 10 or more purchased, with ongoing advice on nutrition based on your goals.

FREE Weekly weigh-ins and bi-weekly body fat measurements.

My 60 minute one to one personal training sessions package allows me to assess you and develop a training and nutrition plan for you. These sessions are designed for your age, gender, body composition and specific personal goals you have. I will then work with you over the course of personal training sessions to change your body and bring about the agreed objectives with you. Ideally i suggest that you do two 60 minute training sessions with me per week if you have the time.

With 10s of 1000s of personal training hours being given by me in the last 15 years years, i am proud that what i do has customers happy and they come back to me again and again. More details.

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