Nutrition Coaching

We are currently not taking on new nutrition coaching clients. Our nutrition coaches do not use fad diets. They are certified through the world renowned Precision Nutrition group. We don’t simply give you a food plan to follow. We coach you in making behavioral changes, lifestyle changes and choices, and educating you in making the correct food choices. We do not believe that your nutrition should be a continuous motivational battle. It’s impossible to stay motivated in something for ever and nutrition for a certain goal is no exception. In the long-term food consumption is a habit not an external motivation.

The tools we give you will help you turn new good behaviours into habits. We give you the tools but also make you accountable for your actions. Without accountability people abdicate responsibility. We are all ultimately responsible for our own actions.

In this age of social media, “gurus’ are created daily in every sphere of life. In health and fitness this seems even more so. People with limited or no qualifications are suddenly experts because they have good bodies. The problem with this is many have put themselves through regimes that are unrealistic for a normal person with limited time, are generally bad for long term health due to the extremes being used (cutting out carbohydrates, fats, proteins, whole foods, or whatever), and the results do not last because they have used a fad diet.

If you want to try more than some simple tips then contact us and we’ll work with you on figuring this out

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