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Thank you for considering David Sisk Fitness. We enjoy working with people to achieve their goals. We start with an Assessment and from there we work with you on choosing attainable goals.  This Assessment looks at your postures, core strength,  movement, stabilisation strength, overall body strength, lifestyle, eating habits.

All our personal training Cork packages/sessions include an easy to make and follow personal nutrition plan designed for your goals . 



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Our Personal Trainers

All our trainers are fully qualified personal trainers and have many years of experience in professional training. You can read more about our trainers here.

Owner David Sisk has a Masters of Science in Sport from Miami University. He is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. He has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology with a specialisation in sports psychology. He has over 25 years of personal training experience (yes, he’s that old).

Head trainer and nutritionist Vilma has a Bachelors Degree in Sports Science, is a certified personal trainer, a certified exercise nutritionist and master coach, and a certified group trainer in kettlebells, Spin, Vipr, and TRX.

The Science Behind Our Personal Training

The basis of our training methods, the Optimal Performance Training (OPT) Model, has five phases of training:

Phase 1: Stabilization/endurance

This phase emphasizes on the importance of coordination. The goals within this phase are to improve muscular endurance, enhance joint stability, increase flexibility, improve posture.

Phase 2: Strength/endurance

In Phase 2, the goals are: to improve stabilization endurance, enhance joint stabilization, and increase lean body mass.

Phase 3: Hypertrophy

Phase 3 goals are typically designed for individuals who would like maximal muscle growth and this phase would be used for individuals in bodybuilding.

Phase 4: Maximal Strength

In Phase 4, the goal is for the individual to be able to lift heavy loads and improve peak performance.

Phase 5: Power

To get to this level, the individual MUST complete the phases of stabilization and strength levels. Speed and power are heavily focused on within this level.


In summary, the OPT Model is designed for the achievement of the individual’s fitness goals while correcting their muscle imbalances, stabilizing joints, while gaining proper neuromuscular functioning. In addition, the benefits of utilizing the OPT Model significantly decrease the chance for injury.
What does all of the above mean to you? You’ll feel great, you’ll lose fat, you’ll be healthier, and you should live longer.

OPT™ utilises a progression from movement assessments with corrective exercise strategies, to integrated stabilisation and strength training, culminating in specific performance and power training (for athletes), whether clients are training to get stronger or to simply get more active and feel better.

Incorporating complex movement patterns, stability training and core strength and stabilisation into all training programmes, results in a diverse and engaging workout programme that produces maximum results no matter what the goal. By incorporating multiple types of training—flexibility, cardio respiratory, core, balance, reactive, speed, agility, quickness, and strength—into programming, the revolutionary and easy-to-use OPT method improves all biomotor abilities and builds high levels of functional strength, neuromuscular efficiency, and dynamic flexibility.

Professional personal Training in Cork

Since 2003 David Sisk Fitness has been educating people in Cork on how to change their lives with the personal training they offer. Our team of professionals have helped people complete over 105,000 personal training sessions and have helped 1000s of people lose weight, get fitter and be happier about their lives.

For those that avail of two personal training sessions per week, you also have access to our cardio machines. You will also have exclusive access to our newsletter and private Facebook Group that has training, weight loss tips and great nutrition advice including health recipes you can prepare in your own kitchen.

You can get personal sessions with us as many times as you want per week. We have clients who train with us 4 times, 3 times and twice a week. We work around your schedule and are open for training sessions from 6am, 6 days a week. You can come to us for our intense but healthy 6 week weight loss programs which help you lose weight at the right speed, not rapid and unsafe speeds. We develop training programs based on your needs and your abilities. As you train with us more, we then adjust your program to help you attain the body you want to attain.

Personal Training Cork Packages

Personal Training Cork Packages


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