If you’re like me you may have had loads of business ideas over the years but only started some of those businesses because you felt that certain things weren’t perfect.

I sometimes look back and dwell on ideas I had, started the planning, but never went through with. Of course, I know that’s a bad approach but we’re all human. However, I have started businesses that have worked and one important thing I have learned is to get it started rather than waiting until everything is perfect before “opening the doors”. If we all waited to do something until everything was absolutely perfect we’d get nothing done.

I think it’s time people treated their bodies like businesses. What do I mean? Well, we get some people enquiring about personal training at David Sisk Fitness but who dont decide to go ahead with training and that’s ok. We can pretty much guess who they are before they decide not to. They are people who almost talk themselves out of training because they are so busy with work, family, etc. Guess what? Nearly all the people who come to us have families and work but they manage in an imperfect world. And they get results. They don’t wait until everything is perfect. They start and, as the training and nutrition process evolves and develops, they get more organised in their food preparation, in their training, in their lifestyles. They treat their bodies like businesses because their bodies and health require work, orgranisation, and commitment.

In 2016 don’t wait to start changing your life until the situation is perfect. Start today. Do something.