The 12-Week Body Transformation Plan

Our specialists can lead you every step of the way (female or male) on this tough journey. In 3-4 months you could be unrecognizable! We don’t want you to become an Instagram junkie who spends their time looking at themselves in the gym but wouldn’t it be nice to set yourself a real physical and mental challenge?

  • 4 x 60-minute one-to-one sessions per week for 12 weeks (48 sessions)
  • Goal specific nutrition plan based on gender, age, activity levels, body fat.
  • Not available during peak times of 6am-9.30am or 5.30pm-8.30pm
  • Weekly weigh-ins and bi-weekly body fat measurements
  • FREE use of cardio equipment in the Cork studio  (times and duration to be agreed with your trainer)
  • Before and after pictures


€640 per month in advance for 3 months (€40 per session 4 times per week). That’s a massive saving of €960 on our individual 60-minute sessions!

NOTE: STRICT terms and conditions apply to this package which we will execute. You MUST pay for all 3 months whether you complete this package or not.

If you are interested in our 12 week body transformation personal training plan, fill in the quick form below or email or phone us.

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No surgery, no special pills, no new and untested technology, this is just us working with you and pushing you towards your potential so that by the end we might see a whole new you on the scales and in the mirror. Our dedicated professionals will be there at every step guiding you on exercises, on nutrition and on diet.