Semi-private personal training sessions Cork

Two Clients One Trainer

Share the Pain. Share the Price.

  • 60-minute semi-private sessions with your trainer
  • FREE specific nutrition plan for your goals when packs of 10 or more purchased, with ongoing advice on nutrition based on your goals, gender, age, activity levels.
  • FREE Weekly weigh-ins and bi-weekly body fat measurements
  • FREE use of cardio equipment in the studio if you are training at least twice per week (times and duration to be agreed with your trainer)

Price Options on 60-minute sessions

€45 Per Person Per Session (PPPS)

€350 per person per 10 sessions* (€35 PPPS)


Price Options on 30-minute sessions

€35 per person per session (PPPS)

€260 per person for 10 sessions (€26 PPPS*)


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