What is personal training? Who in Cork can help?

Advice from your Cork Personal Trainer:

Personal training is where your lifestyle, nutrition and physical make-up are assessed and a plan to reach your goals is then developed based on the results of that assessment. REAL personal training should be where you are being trained ONE-TO-ONE by ONE personal trainer. Your progress is monitored weekly and the training program evolves as you progress. If your trainer isn't re-assessing you regularly then you can't progress correctly. "Re-assess to progress" is what we say. Remember, the whole time you are in the studio/gym you are being trained by your trainer. Personal training is not where you are being trained with 2-3 other people by one trainer at the same time. You should complain if one trainer is training 2-4 people at the same time and claiming it's personal training.

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If I do personal training will I only be able to eat salads?

Your Personal Trainer says:

No! If you eat salads all the time you will lose lean muscle, your metabolism will slow down, and you will probably end up putting on weight in the long term. Starvation is the BEST way to PUT ON weight. If you eat small salads all the time or starve yourself for long periods you will lose weight for a while but then as your metabolism slows your weight loss will slow. We put people on food plans that are healthy, tasty, and can be followed for life, not just for a few weeks.

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Will muscle turn to fat if I stop training?

It is physiologically IMPOSSIBLE for muscle to turn to fat. Both are completely different materials. Muscles simply shrink back to their original size. People tend to put on fat when they stop training because they continue to eat the same amounts of food as when they were training. If you're not training you don't need as many calories to get you through the day.

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Will I get big muscles if I do weight training?

If you are a WOMAN you will NOT get big muscles. Women have very little testosterone compared to men so weight training will only get you lean and "toned". The more lean muscle you have the more fat you will burn. If you are MAN, you will have to work very hard and eat strictly if you want to gain a large amount of muscle mass.

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Is personal training hard?

Well, its not easy, but we only design programs that are within your capabilities. We are demanding because we want you to focus on and reach your goals. Training is challenging BUT it should also be FUN! You can lose that weight fast but safely, you can and will lose that belly fat and you can be healthy if you follow our dedicated advice.

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I’ve never been to a gym. What should I wear and where can I buy clothing?

We get this question a lot. For men, we would suggest training shorts, a cotton t-shirt (polyester t-shirts like soccer/GAA tops smell after a while), ankle socks, and runners. Do not wear shoes, sandals, flip-flops etc. Women should wear either light fabric tracksuit bottoms or shorts, cotton t-shirt or training specific top, a sports bra, ankle socks, and runners. Try Asics runners for function rather than fashion. Try Buckleys for runners (across the river from the Opera House); Welch Sports (Douglas and city), Dunnes, and Tescos for clothing. We train normal people so, don’t worry it’s not a fashion parade.

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I’m still confused about personal training

A franchise I know of claims its the “premier personal training studio” yet you go in and there could be a number of people, only a couple of trainers, and everyone is doing the same thing. They also have customers on 20-30 pills per day. Is this personal training?

Put simply, no. Advertising standards in Ireland are such that people can advertise what they want. If you are going to a place where every client does the exact same thing in the same sequence and without their own individual trainer, it’s simply not personal training. Of course, these places know they aren't real personal training studios but it's your money and your choice. We've had fans of these places phoning us saying"my friend got great results so it's great". If I told you that I had one pill that would make you lose 20kgs of fat but that it would damage your health in the long-term would you want it? Fad diets and training and multiple pills work in the short-term but they will always fail.

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