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Our personal training packages are designed to suit all needs. We train teenagers all the way up to 70+ who have never trained before. Whether you are looking to transform how you look or whether you are simply looking to be more flexible or address numerous aches and pains, we have the trainers and packages to suit. We look forward to discussing options that will best suit your needs.

Group Classes

We are primarily a personal training studio but we have a selection of fantastic group classes that our clients or the public can avail of. Our classes are small which we believe is better for the customer. In very large classes techniques are hard to see for the trainer but with our small classes there’s nowhere to hide! Try our ViPr classes, for example, and you’ll see the benefit of small groups.

Our Training Methods

We use only training methods based on science. Our primary methods are based around one of the world’s leading institutes, The National Academy of Sports Medicine. We add our own science from Master’s Degrees to Personal Training certifications along with knowledge from over 75 years combined experience and over 60,000 personal training sessions in our Rochestown studio.

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition is key to goals. Yes, if a person is very obese and starts exercise they typically will drop weight without changing food. Many believe – mostly through the media – that they are eating correctly for their goals but this is simply not the case. Our certified trainers are also certified nutritionists and coaches. They have goals as well: to facilitate you in reaching your goals. How can we help you today? What can we do for you?

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